PY 2011 Evaluation of Grantee Performance

Posted by Emma Wallace - On November 08, 2012 (EST)

This is the evaluation of grantee performance for PY 2011. The aggregate performance against goals for PY 2011 (which is not required to be published and is not listed) is based on the average of the entered employment, employment retention, average earnings and most-in-need measures. As was the case for the last two years, the service level and community service measures are not included in the aggregate percent of goals achieved because those measures could not be accurately calculated for PY 2011. We expect that these two measures will be included in the evaluation of the PY 2012 performance.

The document lists two sets of numbers for the EER: one based on the original goals and one based on the adjusted goals. (The percent of aggregate goals achieved uses the adjusted goals.) The EER goals were adjusted to reflect the actual number of durational exiters that affected the Final PY 11 performance (those that exited from 6/30/11-3/31/12). The total number of durational exiters nationwide was very close to the estimate used in establishing the PY 2011 goals, but some grantees were higher than the estimate and some grantees were lower than the estimate. We gave an adjustment only where the actual number of durational exiters for a grantee was higher than the number we used when we established the original goals. If the number of actual durational exiters was lower than our original estimate, we did not make any adjustment. This is consistent with the approach we have always used when making after-the-fact adjustments.

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