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Durational Limits and Transitional Planning 1281N/A   
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Equitable Distribution 232N/A   
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National Employ Older Workers Week Materials 2289N/A   
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PY 2012 Equitable Distribution: Maps of Authorized Positions by County 2841N/A   
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SCSEP Durational Limits: What Do They Mean for Grantees and Participants? 746299 10/26/12 01:11PM10/26/12 01:11PM
Electronic Tools Guide Download Now 1765798 03/01/13 09:53AM05/31/12 08:41AM
Employing, Retaining, and Accommodating the Aging Workforce 1060228 04/16/14 12:04PM04/16/14 12:04PM
Federal Resources for Disaster Response Download Now 1299552 11/06/12 12:07PM11/06/12 12:07PM
Links to SPARQ resources and materials 695289 12/02/13 02:34PM12/02/13 10:14AM
Natural Disasters and SCSEP: Questions & Answers Download Now 1429607 11/06/12 12:06PM11/06/12 12:06PM
Official PY14 Minimum Wage and Modified Slots Download Now 608456 01/15/15 06:22PM01/15/15 06:22PM
Older Americans Act - 2006 Amendments Download Now 1052691 09/29/11 05:36PM09/29/11 05:36PM
Podcasts 2125191 06/17/10 04:45PM01/15/10 02:24PM
PY 2011 Evaluation of Grantee Performance Download Now 1120527 12/02/13 09:55AM11/08/12 11:19AM
PY 2012 Evaluation of Grantee Performance Download Now 635467 12/02/13 02:16PM12/02/13 02:16PM
PY 2012 Grantee IDL Policies Download Now 1328589 11/08/12 11:22AM11/07/12 02:24PM
PY 2012 State Plans Download Now 1591705 07/11/12 08:58AM07/11/12 08:36AM
PY 2012 transition - Grantee to-dos Download Now 1407602 08/08/12 02:15PM08/08/12 02:14PM
PY 2012 transition - Sample letter from donor grantee to host agency Download Now 1243525 08/17/12 08:28AM08/17/12 08:28AM
PY 2012 transition - Sample letter to participants from donor grantee Download Now 1302559 08/09/12 03:03PM08/09/12 03:03PM
PY 2012 transition - Sample letter to participants from recipient grantee Download Now 1301519 08/09/12 03:04PM08/09/12 03:04PM
PY 2012 transition - Tips from NCOA Download Now 1272553 08/09/12 03:04PM08/09/12 03:04PM
PY 2012 transition - Tips from Senior Service America Download Now 1268559 08/09/12 03:05PM08/09/12 03:05PM
PY 2012 transition - Transition overview Download Now 1258553 08/08/12 02:18PM08/08/12 02:18PM
PY 2013 Evaluation of Grantee Performance Download Now 805385 11/13/14 12:16PM11/03/14 12:21PM
Recruitment: Strategies for Attracting SCSEP Participants 1805514 10/26/12 01:17PM10/26/12 01:17PM
Sample donor grantee checklist Download Now 1308539 08/08/12 02:06PM08/08/12 02:06PM
Sample recipient grantee checklist Download Now 1334533 08/08/12 02:07PM08/08/12 02:07PM
SCSEP Data Collection Handbook Download Now 467391 04/08/15 01:31PM04/08/15 01:31PM
SCSEP Final Rule Download Now 22401038 06/23/11 05:11PM12/16/10 01:24PM
SCSEP Final Rule - Additional Indicator on Volunteer Work Download Now 2295820 01/31/12 12:05PM01/31/12 12:05PM
SCSEP National Grantees Download Now 42242282 11/18/13 08:58AM11/29/11 11:48AM
SCSEP PY15 Minimum Wage and Modified Slots Download Now 519477 05/04/15 06:25PM05/04/15 06:25PM
SCSEP State Grantees Download Now 103132865 05/01/14 09:14AM11/29/11 11:49AM
SCSEP Virtual Training Modules Download Now 22871038 02/05/13 10:32AM02/11/11 01:39PM
SCSEP: Kick Start Your Job Search 2227604 11/09/12 09:03AM11/09/12 09:03AM
SPRA Evaluation of SCSEP: Process and Outcomes Study Final Report - Exec Summary Download Now 1305635 01/09/13 10:06AM01/09/13 10:06AM
The SCSEP Final Rule 603289 10/26/12 01:08PM10/26/12 01:08PM
Training on SCSEP Termination Policies Download Now 6001063 08/26/11 10:18AM08/26/11 10:18AM
Volunteer Opportunities - Resources Download Now 12501187 07/07/10 01:08PM07/07/10 01:08PM
Webinars 2595217 06/17/10 04:46PM01/13/10 04:29PM
WIA Laws and Regulations Download Now 1672650 04/09/12 11:28AM04/09/12 11:28AM
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