National Employee Older Worker Week is September 23-29! Our the theme this year is that older workers are a valuable asset for employers, especially as it relates to mentoring and being a role model for younger workers. This year, the SCSEP national office is providing files for two NEOWW posters. Each poster is in 8.5x11” and 16x20” sizes, and is available in English and Spanish. You can find the files in the “National Employ Older Workers Week materials” folder under Resources. You are welcome to print or electronically distribute these posters however you like.


Poster #1 (one large photo):

?        8.5x11 English

?        8.5x11 Spanish

?        16x20 English

?        16x20 Spanish


Poster #2 (several photos):

?        8.5x11 English

?        8.5x11 Spanish

?        16x20 English

?        16x20 Spanish

Irene Adams Jefferson
(202) 693-2671

Irene's areas of expertise:

  • Processing grant document submissions and modifications
  • Complaint resolution (grantee and participant)
  • Correspondence
  • Liaison with the Federal Project Officers (FPOs)
  • Contract Officer's Representative for technical assistance contracts

Kathleen Dorcy
(202) 693-3735

Kathleen's areas of expertise:

  • Major training activities and technical assistance (webinars, podcasts, conferences, conference calls with Charter Oak Group and BCT Partners)
  • Technical assistance to grantees via email and phone
  • Update grantees on technical assistance efforts in monthly conference calls
  • Point of contact for FPOs, with direction from the National Office

Starting today, we will be profiling National Office staff members on the Community of Practice. We hope that these profiles will help you get to know us, and know to whom you can direct any questions or concerns.

Phil Hostetter
(703) 450-0639

 Phil's areas of expertise:

  • Performance reporting
  • Customer satisfaction
  • SPARQ user accounts
  • SCSEP sub-grantees
  • Equitable distribution

Adecco, a staffing company, recently released the results of a telephone survey of hiring managers on their hiring of mature workers. Among their findings:

  • Hiring managers are three times as likely to hire a mature worker (60 percent) as they are to hire a Millennial (20 percent).
  • Hiring managers think mature workers and Millennials possess different personality traits; hiring managers are most likely to associate mature workers with being reliable (91 percent) and professional (88 percent).
  • When it comes to skills that need strengthening, hiring managers feel mature workers need more technological know-how (72 percent).

For more details, view the complete survey results or check out this write-up in USA Today.

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