The webinar on transition planning has been rescheduled! Please join us for Durational Limits: Transition Planning for SCSEP Participants on Thursday, July 8 from 2-3 pm ET.
Durational limits will impact many SCSEP participants in PY 2010.  As they reach the 48 month mark of SCSEP services, participants will need to move to unsubsidized employment or other appropriate services.  Knowing what to do and when to do it are the keys to success.  In this webinar, trainer Joyce Welsh of MH West & Associates will discuss processes and procedures to transition participants prior to their reaching the individual durational limit. Judith Gilbert, Team Leader at the SCSEP National Office, will moderate.
Click here to register now!

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. If multiple members of your organization wish to participate, please register once and view from the same location.

From June 22-30, the Social Security Administration will hold a series of teleconferences about the Ticket to Work program. These events provide an opportunity for workforce professionals, employment service providers, and organizations to learn about Ticket to Work and how to become an Employment Network. The program helps people receiving Social Security Disability Insurance and/or Supplemental Security Income return to work.  For more information, click here.
As you know, some SCSEP participants will reach the end of the 48 month individual duration beginning July 1, 2011. During last week’s webinar on durational limits, several commenters asked for technical assistance in creating transition plans for these participants. We will hold a webinar on transition planning on June 10 – but in the meantime, we’d like to open a peer-to-peer dialogue to jump-start your planning process.

 What are your employer outreach strategies to place participants? What about participants who will not achieve unsubsidized employment?  What other services do you plan to refer participants to? What community partners you will involve?  How early do you think the transition planning process should start?

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The Department of Health and Human Services today announced the establishment of the Personal Care Attendants Workforce Advisory Panel.  The panel is:
“The Department's statutory public advisory body on personal care attendant workforce issues related to the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act in the Affordable Care Act. With sensitivity to policy considerations and priorities, the Committee will provide advice and guidance on issues related to the adequacy of the number of personal care attendant workers, the salaries, wages, and benefits, and access to the services provided by personal care attendant workers. The Committee shall assist and advise the Department on personal care attendant workforce policy as it pertains to the Department, States, local governments and the private sector.”
 HHS is seeking nominations for appointment to the 15-member Advisory Panel from individuals who have distinguished themselves in the fields of long-term services and supports; aging and disability populations and services; practices that help reduce high personal care attendant workforce vacancy and turnover rates; Medicaid, Medicare, the Older Americans Act and Workforce Investment System; community residential services; and policy analysis and development related to the financing, access, provision and quality of health care services. Members of the Advisory Panel are appointed for a term of 2 years. Nominations are due June 18.
Click here for the full announcement and access to the charter. For more information or to make a nomination, contact Margaret Reiser, Department of Health and Human Services – Telephone (202) 690-7858, Fax (202) 690-7383.

Thank you for visiting our community of practice! We hope that this forum will provide a virtual hub of information related to the Senior Community Service Employment Program and other senior workforce issues.

Under the "Resources" tab, we have compiled a wide range of SCSEP materials - everything from the new Data Collection Handbook to our training webinars. Stay tuned, as we will continue to post new resources in this section - including our new podcast, From Applicant to Employee: A Discussion on Placement Strategies with Jim Seith of AARP.

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